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Protecting the Fraternity & Sorority Experience

Fraternities and sororities provide members with a community of support, personal growth opportunities, leadership development, and civic engagement. We must protect that experience so that it’s available for future generations to come.



You can make a difference! Join with thousands of others who want to protect the interfraternal experience by making a donation today.



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Champions of the Interfraternal Movement

We bring the fraternity and sorority members together to speak with a united voice on higher education issues.

Many students are increasingly recognizing the exceptional advantages offered by the interfraternal experience, including having a home in their college communities, a place to belong, and a network of peers invested in each other’s personal success. However, the current situation is characterized by a growing challenge to freedom of association rights on numerous campuses, with university-imposed restrictions posing a threat to the fraternity and sorority experience.

Together, we strive to amplify our collective voice and drive positive change for fraternities and sororities nationwide.

With your help and congressional action, we can:

Preserve the right to operate as single-sex organizations
Protect students’ right to freedom of association
Improve campus safety with anti-hazing legislation
Ensure due process rights for our student members and member organizations
Provide tax parity for donations to build or improve fraternity and sorority housing

Why Fraternities & Sororities Matter

Gallup research notes that fraternity men and sorority women are “more likely to have great experiences as undergraduates, and more likely to have great jobs and be living great lives after graduation.”

{As a life member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., I cannot overstate the role Greek life has had on me. From the time I joined in college to the present, being a member of a sorority helped mold me to be a leader, and these organizations continue to equip countless individuals with the much-needed tools and leadership skills to succeed in every facet of life.{
Congresswoman Joyce Beatty
U.S. House of Representatives (D-OH), Delta Sigma Theta
{I didn’t know anyone when I arrived at Harvard and joining Sigma Chi gave me a sense of community and a group of brothers who came from all walks of life and showed me the meaning of true friendship. Brotherhood also taught me about working with people of different experiences and opinions which contributed not only to my success then, but also now as a Member of Congress.{
Congressman Ruben Gallego
U.S. House of Representatives (D-AZ), Sigma Chi
{My experience at the University of Georgia was truly enriched by being a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. While there, I was able to form lifelong friendships, develop leadership skills, and see the world through the eyes of folks who came from all different parts of the country. I’m incredibly grateful for this brotherhood and the lasting impact it has had on me and the UGA community.{
Congressman Drew Ferguson
U.S. House of Representatives (R-GA), Sigma Alpha Epsilon
{It is imperative that the interfraternal community has a voice in legislative and regulatory matters that either could have or does have an impact upon our ability to thrive and succeed as an industry. Since 2005, I have enthusiastically given to FSPAC to support our “voice” and though it is hard to quantify our success, I wholeheartedly believe that at a minimum, it has gotten us to the table! We are being sought out for our stance and the legislators supportive of our agenda items have become strong allies. I believe in the power of our voice.{
Cindy H. Stellhorn
FSPAC Founding Member and Past President, Kappa Alpha Theta
{I am using my voice to ensure the value of the single-sex experience is understood and the sense of belonging, empowerment and personal development will be enjoyed for generations to come. Through giving and asking others to give, we are raising dollars and building collaborative relationships with members of Congress while at the same time generating support and awareness of the challenges facing single sex organizations. We are “paying it forward” so that today’s students and future generations have the same opportunities we had when choosing to pledge a sorority or fraternity.{
Carole Jones
FSPAC Vice President - Political, Alpha Omicron Pi


Your Voice in Washington, D.C.

Fraternity and sorority leaders have collaborated tirelessly over the years to establish a significant and constructive presence in our nation’s capital, aimed at defending and enhancing the fraternal experience.


Recruiting Champions in Congress

Whether it’s meeting with first-time candidates one day or speaking to lawmakers at their fundraising events the next, we constantly promote the interfraternal experience to those who may be unfamiliar with it and remind those who are fraternity and sorority alumni/alumnae about the value their organizations provide.

Latest News

Get the latest updates on our efforts and issues impacting the interfraternal experience, including freedom of association, anti-hazing efforts, and tax parity for college housing. 

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