What does FSPAC support and fund?
The Campaign Contribution Account directly contributes to the campaigns of candidates running for federal office.  By law, only individuals and other PACs can make donations to this account.  There are legally prescribed limits for the maximum amount any individual can donate to FSPAC in a year, as well as limits on how much can be contributed to a specific candidate in an election cycle.

The Independent Expenditure Account (IEA) is established to provide non-coordinated support for candidates or causes. Donations to this account can be used for marketing and public relations for FSPAC, research on issues related to the inter-fraternal community, generic voter drives, and advertising support to other PACs.  The IEA cannot contribute directly to any candidate’s campaign. Individuals and corporations can donate to the IEA with no limits on the donation amount. FSPAC policies require an individual to have already given the maximum allowable amount to the Campaign Contribution Account before donating to the IEA.

Who are FSPAC’s donors?
FSPAC receives donations from both individuals and corporate entities.  The individuals are principally Greek alumni and students.  These individual donations are entirely personal and voluntary; no portion of any dues or fees paid to a fraternity or sorority are used for a donation. 

Corporate donations to the IEA are primarily from the housing corporations who own and manage the individual fraternity and sorority houses on college campuses, although other corporate entities have donated on occasion. 

Labor unions, federal contractors, and foreign nationals are prohibited from donating.

Donations to FSPAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Is FSPAC affiliated with a particular political party?
FSPAC contributes to candidates of both major political parties.  FSPAC supports those who stand up for issues of importance to the Greek community, regardless of party affiliation.  In general, FSPAC has proportioned its giving based on the political makeup of the current Congress.  For instance, in the 2018 election contributions were split 60% to Republicans and 40% to Democrats. Thus far for the 2020 election, contributions are evenly split. 

Candidates FSPAC supports hail from all over the nation, represent an array of different demographics, and have wide-ranging diversity.  Many are members of a fraternity or sorority themselves, but others are not.  For example, our leading champions in Congress who so far have received the maximum allowable contribution for the 2020 election are:

          One Hispanic male Democrat

          Two African-American female Democrats

          One Asian-American female Democrat

          One white male Republican

          One white male Jewish Democrat

          Two white female Republicans (neither are Greek)

Besides being decidedly bipartisan, does FSPAC have any other guiding principle for candidate support?
Yes.  FSPAC makes priority investments in women who are members of National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities running for Congress for the first time.  NPC women are currently an under-represented group in Congress, and data has shown that early financial assistance for NPC candidates dramatically improves their odds for winning their election.  In addition to those running in their initial race, every NPC alumna running for re-election in 2020 has received a contribution.      

Does a candidate’s position on issues unrelated to the Greek community factor into the contribution decision?
No.  FSPAC maintains a laser-like focus on a candidate’s willingness to defend and enhance the fraternal experience and his/her track record for doing so as the sole criterion for receiving a contribution.  FSPAC’s board members, like many Americans, hold strong views on many of the multitude of other issues on the Congressional agenda, but the decision of whether to support any candidate is based exclusively on that candidate’s commitment and history of backing issues pertinent to Greek life.

If I want to make a donation to FSPAC, how do I do that?
Simply go to the Donate tab on this website and click on it.  Details will appear about how to donate on-line or by mailing a check. 

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